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School Year Remedial Programs (K-8)

Bloomington Public School’s Targeted Services program (or ALC) provides students remedial support after school in reading and math. Classes are held in each elementary and middle school. 


Students in grades K-8 whose standardized test scores are in the 40th percentile or below and/or students who are recommended by their teacher, are invited to attend the ALC program in their school. 


All ALC K-8 programs are offered outside of the school day and throughout the school year. Please check with your school for a detailed schedule. 


  • Students must quality to participate.
  • Each participating student has a Continuous Learning Plan.
  • Instruction addresses the broad needs of the learner.
  • Programs offer a variety of learning techniques and experiences.
  • Partnerships are established among ALC staff, school staff, parents and support services providers.


The program is free to the student. However, the program is State funded based on student attendance hours. The ALC K-8 programs are intervention and prevention programs funded by the state to assist students to be successful in school.


Please contact your child’s school for registration materials.