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Our members have plenty to say about the Activity Centers at Jefferson and Kennedy
Audrey Wilcox Audrey Wilcox

Audrey has been an AC member for 12 years.  She heard about the Activity Center through a neighbor when her two children were small and she was looking for a place to stay in shape and get some stress-relief.  Audrey now has a JHS alum and a JHS junior and enjoys using the weight room and track regularly.  She really likes the price, convenience, and the facilities.

Forsters Nancy and Doug Forster

Nancy and Doug Forster have been track members since the KAC opened in 2002.  Their two children and one grandchild are Jefferson alums - and they have three other grandchildren in Bloomington schools.  They like walking at the JAC because "all the staff and other members are so kind and friendly."

Rick Ballew Rick Ballew

Rick is a district music teacher and has been an Activity Center member for the past 12 years.  He was motivated to make some life-style changes in advance of his first child being born.  With a combination of diet change and strength training, Rick managed to drop 50 pounds and now has the energy to keep up with his kids!

Willie Shoals Willie Shoals

Willie has been a member for 10+ years and was originally invited to try the Activity Centers out by a friend.  That was when he lived in Bloomington.  Even though he now works and lives in the communities south of the Minnesota River, Willie still drives north to work out at the JAC and KAC!  The reason he goes out of his way is because "I am happy and comfortable here."

Bob Anderson Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson is one of the longest active members at the Activity Centers.  He was the first person to purchase a membership back in 2002!  However, he was active in the fitness program at Valley View for seven years prior to that.  A bypass surgery, cancer, and lung disorder survivor, Bob credits his regular fitness routine with keeping him healthy and strong.

Greta Christianson Greta Christianson

Greta has been a track member for over 10 years. When she is not working as a pediatric nurse at the U of M, she likes to walk and run at the JAC track. It has helped her stay in shape, maintain weight, and stay healthy. She has two daughters who are Jefferson alums. When the weather is nice, Greta does prefer to walk outside!