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Severe Weather Protocols

Snow days. Some people love them and some not so much. Consider that school officials must make a weighty, purposeful decision that is often met with varied levels of support or opposition. Such was the case this week, and that’s why we’re offering this review of our severe weather decision-making processes.

  • The Severe Weather Team’s goal is to minimize the loss of instructional time while being mindful of student and staff safety. In general, we will remain open. To cancel, delay or close schools early poses significant issues for families with transportation and child-care arrangements.
  • Staff, students and families should always assume school is in session unless we communicate otherwise. We typically do not send out a message or post to our website or social media when school is in session. (If you don’t hear from us, assume there is no change to the school schedule.)
  • IF we decide to cancel school for the day, the decision will be communicated to staff and families no later than 5:30 a.m., or as soon as possible in the event of an early release.
  • Winter weather is extremely unpredictable and conditions can moderate or worsen very quickly as we experienced this week. We are constantly monitoring the weather and conditions by relying on the following sources:
    • National Weather Service and Hennepin County meteorologists who provide frequent updates as it pertains to Bloomington and the surrounding area.
    • City of Bloomington public works and police departments for road conditions, plowing schedule and related impacts.
    • MN State Patrol for interstate and outlying road conditions (as a majority of our staff live outside of Bloomington.
    • Neighboring school districts to compare weather assessments and decisions.
  • While there is always pressure when surrounding districts cancel, delay or close schools early, each school system considers its own unique conditions first. It’s good to know what surrounding districts are doing, but no other school district has the exact combination of roads or highways.
We realize not everyone will agree with our decision. However, we are deliberate and thorough in our process and decision-making as it impacts not only your child, but EVERY child in the school district. Parents are encouraged to use their judgment to determine what is best for their children. In the end, we make a final decision based on safety and the ability of our school buses to get students to and from school safely.

Thank you for your understanding.