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Bloomington Activity Centers Building Policies

Our goal is to create and maintain a pleasant, safe and cost effective environment for all community members and visitors.  To accomplish this, the following policies have been established.  Repeat offenders of these policies may be denied access to the facilities.


  • Water only in the active areas of the complex - no sports drinks, other beverages, gum or food.
  • Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult or AC member at all times while in the complex.
  • All visitors and members must be respectfully clothed for safety and general appearance.
  • Mutual courtesy and respect shall be extended to all staff and fellow patrons.
  • Valid picture identification is required for all daily admission guests.

Community Locker Rooms

  • Lockers are available for daily use only and you must provide your own lock.
  • Please remove your belongings after each use.
  • No overnight or weekly storage is permitted.
  • Locker rooms are for adult AC member use only,

Weight Room

For their safety, children ages 11 and under are not permitted in the Fitness/Weight room at any time.  The following restriction apply to children ages 12-14:

  • 12 year olds can utilize the cardio equipment only.
  • 13-14 year olds can utilize the cardio and LifeFitness equipment only.

Please be considerate of other patrons in the Weight Room by doing the following:

  • Replace the weight plates to their holding pegs after using the plate bearing equipment.
  • Wipe down equipment after use.
  • Ask the staff person on duty to change channels on the TV's.


  • Please be courteous of other patrons on the Running/Walking Track.
  • Run or walk in the direction posted.
  • Slower traffic (walkers) use the inner lane, faster traffic (runners) use the outer lane.
  • Don't remain stationary on the track in order to watch gym activity.
  • Infant strollers are allowed on the track.  They can only be pushed side by side when the track isn't crowded and there are no runners.

Gym Courts

  • Community Open Gym is for members and daily admission visitors.  Full court basketball play is by permission only.  All clothing and behavior policies apply.  Playing half-court cooperative games may be necessary if gym space is limited.
  • No hanging on the basketball rims or nets.
  • No skateboards or in-line skates are allowed.
  • Rental groups have access to the court they are renting from the beginning to the ending time on their permit.

Limitations of Use

  • District #271 is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Use of controlled substances or tobacco is not allowed on school property.
  • All local and state laws must be observed along with all District #271 policies.
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