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Rental Rates

Facility Use Classifications

  • Class I - ISD 271 schools, activities, programs
  • Class II - Bloomington youth organizations: high school booster clubs, athletics, scouting; political party meetings/caucuses
  • Class III - City of Bloomington sponsored activities
  • Class IV - 501c3 non-profits and faith-based organizations; colleges/universities, other schools; adult groups;  non-Bloomington youth groups; local youth groups run by separate individuals, i.e. not a Bloomington youth organization , incl. AAU teams.
  • Class V - Individuals and organizations engaged in for-profit gain


View our Rental rates, Staff and Equipment Fees brochure.

This annual fee will be billed on the first invoice.  The permit fee of $20.00 is paid once for each building and covers the fiscal year July 1 through June 30.

The facility use rates are per hour.  Late weeknight (after 10 p.m.) and weekend usage requires custodial costs in addition to the rental fee.