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Policies and Guidelines

Annual Permit Fee

An annual permit fee is assessed to all Class II, III, IV, and V facility users and is applied from July 1 - June 30.  The current rate is $20 for each school building.


The applicant and organization assumes all responsibility for damage and liability and agrees to hold the school district harmless from any expense in connection with the use of school facilities or equipment.


A certificate of insurance may be required to be on file with the department for large groups, groups serving food, athletic events, or other events deemed necessary.

Food and Beverage

Use of food and beverages must meet City of Bloomington Health Department guidelines and are allowed only in approved areas. (See also Temporary Food License Application from the City of Bloomington.) It must also be indicated on the district request form if food and beverage are to be consumed.

Kitchen Use

A food service supervisor must be on duty whenever a kitchen is reserved.  Arrangements for scheduling a staff person may be made directly by contacting the District Food Service office at 952-681-6574.

Limitations of Use

  • District #271 is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Use of controlled substances or tobacco is not allowed on school property
  • Possession and/or use of firearms on school property is strictly prohibited
  • Latex, e.g. balloons, gloves, etc. is not allowed
  • Any forms of open fire, e.g. candles, propane burners, etc. is prohibited
  • All local and state laws must be observed along with all District #271 policies including Policy 802 Use of School Facilities.
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