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Afternoon Community Education programs cancelled
Due to a water main break near the Bloomington Community Education Campus, water has been shut off in the building indefinitely. As a result, the following programs are cancelled for the afternoon:
  • Community Education and Metro South programs
  • Bloomington Career and College Academy (BCCA)
  • Bloomington Transition Center (BTC)
Career and College Academy students will remain at their home school. Students attending BTC will be transported home, and their parents have been notified.

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Bloomington is a national leader in early childhood programming. Our preschools work with children to develop positive self images and outstanding academic skills. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers hold four-year degrees and are licensed by the state. Staff continually track children’s progress to better plan instruction throughout the year.

Our preschools ensure children are prepared for a successful transition to kindergarten. Curriculum is research based, developmentally appropriate and in alignment with the district’s goals and Minnesota state standards.


Contact us at 952-681-6200 if you need help with registration.

Registration for Preschool classes began on
Thursday, February 1st!  

Our online registration system is open all day (see link above).  

If you have additional questions, please call 952-681-6200.

Class Locations (2018-2019)

Pond Center
9600 Third Avenue South
Bloomington, MN  55420
Oak Grove Elementary
1300 West 106th Street
Bloomington, MN  55431
Southwood Center
4901 West 112th Street
Bloomington, MN  55437
Valley View Elementary
351 East 88th Street
Bloomington, MN  55420
Indian Mounds Elementary
9801 11th Avenue South
Bloomington, MN  55420
Washburn Elementary
8401 Xerxes Avenue South
Bloomington, MN  55431
Preschool Phone:
952-681-6212 or 952-681-6200

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