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Upcoming activity highlights:

Police Visit and Safety Tips - January 22

Visit the Bloomington Police Department to talk with an officer about saefty in public and how to make a 911 call.

Friendship Skills: What do you value in life? - March 7

Enjoy discussing what we value in life and what values we have in common with others. Managing feelings is easier if we understand what is important to us.  Great class for learning to build relationships.

Wacky Words and Your Story! - March 19

Have a blast with crazy stories, share some jokes and have a great time expressing yourself with words to tell your story!

Photos and News

Cocoa and Carols
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Learning Exchange: Skills for the Real World
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LE article from Metro South Volunteers Newsletter
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Learning Exchange; 2575 West 88th St. #340; Bloomington, MN 55431   Main Phone: 952-681-6109

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